01 Feb 2015

Destroy Madrid

Composición, Ficción, Film, Música Compuesta, Postproducción Comentarios desactivados en Destroy Madrid


  • Composición Musical , Diseño y Postproducción de sonido, Mezcla.
  • Cortometraje. Ficción
  • Jossfilms 2015
  • En progreso

No one knows how it really started… Some say it was because of the crisis, the disgust, the unemployment, the hunger… Others think it was because a conspiracy, because those few little black hands that pull the strings were bored and wanted to play.
And me? I just think it was the time to break the rules, to stop this fuckin’ big wheel fed with our pain and our condescendence.

—Lay, a survivor

Year 2030.

Lay (Javier Server), with his dirty face and a trickle of blood sliding from an eyebrow, stands in the middle of a deserted and ravaged Plaza de Colón (Madrid) holding an assault rifle. In front of him, rubbles and a crashed helicopter decorate the square.

While Lay tries to escape carrying a mysterious device, he tells us how the goverments turned their backs on the citizens and how the city became a battlefield eventually. But to run away, he will have to face some drones that haunt him.

Will he achieve the mission and return with the other survivors to give back the control to the citizens?
Destroy Madrid 1 esc

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